Founded in 1958 by Alberto Mondadori, who announced the news to William Faulkner by letter, Il Saggiatore remains committed today to its original mission: to publish books that convey a precise identity.
Our distinctiveness rests on the authors whose work we bring out: Claude LéviStrauss, Ernesto De Martino, Simone de Beauvoir, Noam Chomsky, Daron Acemoglu, Paul Mason, Witold Gombrowicz, Joan Didion, Geoff Dyer, Olivia Laing, Mircea Cărtărescu and others. Together, our backlist and more recent releases form one grand tome with a precise profile.
Il Saggiatore is grounded in the Enlightenment, Neoclassicism and a secular conception of culture. We envision books as tools with which to examine reality. Throughout its long and storied past, our publishing house has remained independent, putting out titles we believe in rather than catering to market demands. Il Saggiatore is not an academic press.
We are not so much interested in current affairs as we are in investigating contemporaneity. Our outlook is international, and we are supporters of radical reformism. Il Saggiatore publishes both fiction and nonfiction, often in blended form; we believe that essays can also be a type of narrative, and novels tools for knowledge. Il Saggiatore eschews ideologies. We focus on peripheries, in our belief that they are often actually at the centre of matters. Il Saggiatore’s primary traits are curiosity, exploration and knowledge. We will continue to survey the worlds we live in and to help engender new ones.

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Marco Tedesco
Tales from a Disappearing Continent

When people think about the Arctic, they think about a monotone expanse of white snow, devoid of distinguishing figures. They could not be more wrong. Snow can be blue, or purple, or even green under the right light, and in tiny holes under the surface of the ice a strange kind of biome flourishes, which may hold the solution to the mystery of life. Marco Tedesco is one of the scientists living among the fast-disappearing ice. Every facet of his life revolves around it, whether mapping the geography of rivers or studying the bacteria inside the cryoconite holes or the remains of the High Arctic camel. Ice. Tales from a Disappearing Continent is an exciting scientific adventure much like Charles Darwin’s The Voyage of the Beagle, but, at the same time, it is a heartfelt plea to treasure ice, because without it we would lose not only the roots of our past, but also our future.

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