Travel Guide for Space Explorers

Antonio Ereditato

Published October 2019 | 256 pp.

Every child around the world dreams of venturing into space, of exploring distant planets, of finding alien civilisations nestled in never seen before valleys. And, even when we grow up, we still look at the stars as one of the few remaining genuine wonders of the contemporary world. 

Antonio Ereditato takes us where no man has ever been before: our journey begins on Earth, where we have to build our star-roaming vessel; then we set off, and Antonio guides us through planets and stars, asteroids and comets, to explain how the universe works. It’s a long trip, passing far beyond the Oort Cloud where comets are born, to the heart of our galaxy. Travel Guide for Space Explorers is a treasure trove of marvels and astonishing vistas; a field manual for the space explorer inside us.

Antonio Ereditato is Professor of Physics at the University of Berna.

Material available: English proposal and sample

Rights sold: Chinese, Guomai