The Three Brothers Who Never Slept

and Other Stories of Sleep Disorders

Giuseppe Plazzi

Published: March 2019

Sleep is a cornerstone of human experience. It is not only necessary to our survival, but also a very mysterious part of our everyday life. Sleep nourishes us; it gives us dreams as well as nightmares. The Three Brothers Who Never Slept is an adventurous journey into the secret nocturnal life of our brains, told from the unique perspective of a scientist who has dedicated his life to the study and treatment of sleep disorders. Much like Oliver Sacks, Giuseppe Plazzi draws from the various clinical cases he has dealt with over a career that spans decades to explain how insomnia, narcolepsy, nocturnal hallucinations, sleepwalking and other sleep disorders function, and what they can tell us about our inner mechanisms. For it is in sleep that we are really free from societal preconceptions and, as such, free to express ourselves, our fears, our desires.

Giuseppe Plazzi is an Italian neurologist and Director of the Research Center on Sleep Disorders of Bologna.

Rights sold: Portoguese, Elsinore 

Material available: English proposal and sample