The City of Mist

Pier Paolo Pasolini

Published: October 2013 | 209 pp.

Milan, 1959. New Year’s Eve. A mob of teenage bullies roams the town. Self‑styled teddy boys, they arm‑wrestle, rob, flirt and fight. In the background, a brutal city that becomes alive at night with the lights of skyscrapers and the howls of bikers. The City of Mist is the tale of a night of desperate and cruel bravado: it begins with the assault of a man in his car, continues with a theft committed in a church at the outskirts of Milan, and finally culminates with the aggression of a gay man and a shocking, brutal death. Made into a movie in 1963, but never released because deemed too violent, this previously unpublished screenplay aptly shows the vividness, the intensity and the poetic sensitivity for which Pier Paolo Pasolini is worldwide famous.

Pier Paolo Pasolini was a poet, writer, journalist, essayist, screenwriter and director.

French, Grasset
Portuguese, Antigona
Spanish, Gallonero

Material available: English sample.