Ice. Tales from a Disappearing Continent

Marco Tedesco con Alberto Flores d’Arcais

Published: september 2019 | 262 pp.

When people think about the Arctic, they think about a monotone expanse of white snow, devoid of people and distinguishing figures. They could not be more wrong. Snow can be blue, or purple, or even greenunder the right light, and in tiny holes under the surface of the ice a strange kind of life flourishes, which may hold the solution to the mystery of life.

Marco Tedesco is one of the scientists living among the fast-disappearing ice. Every day, he wakes up to the sound of ice moving, and every facet of his life revolves around it, whether he maps the geography of rivers and lakes from a helicopter or studies the bacteria inside the cryoconite holes or the remnants of the High Arctic camel.

Ice. Tales from a Disappearing Continent is an exciting scientific adventure much like Charles Darwin’s The Voyage of the Beagle, but, at same time, it is an earnest, heartfelt plea to respect and treasure ice, because without it we would lose not only the roots of our past, but also our future.

Marco Tedesco is a glaciologist and professor at the Lamont-Doherty Observatory of Columbia University.

Alberto Flores D’Arcais is the American correspondent of la Repubblica.

Material available: English proposal and sample.