Cosmos of the Mind

Edoardo Boncinelli, Antonio Ereditato

Published: September 2018 | 262 pp.

An old gnostic saying goes: «As above, so below». Magicians of ages past used it to suggest that there was a deep resonance between the stars above our heads and life on planet Earth. What if they were right? This is the exciting question that Edoardo Boncinelli and Antonio Ereditato have set out to answer: only at a certain point in our history, in fact, we became conscious of ourselves and our place in the universe, and with that the universe itself became self-conscious: isn’t this the teaching of quantum mechanics? Phenomena exist because someone looks at them, and the act of looking can modify the course of atoms and galaxies alike. And what does this close interconnectedness tell us about ourselves? Perhaps we really are made of the stuff of stars.

Edoardo Boncinelli is an Italian genetist and journalist.
Antonio Ereditato is Professor of Physics at the University of Berna.

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